DownloadPETFROST - System for the Control and Elimination of Bacteria


The research has been carried out through a project of R+D+I and, is vouched for the Marine Products Technology Center belongs to CSIC Marine Investigations, as well as by CETMAR (Sea Technological Center) and the Analytic Center “Miguez & Muíños”.

When the investigation was finished and the predicted results was obtained, Peter Taboada has passed to the production of the system for industrial use.

This machine removes the bacterial load up to 90%.

There are three types of machines:

  • PETFROST ® for fish washing with germicidal seawater and production of germicidal ice

  • PETFROST ® for washing with germicidal water of any perishable product: fish, cattle, pork, poultry, fruits and vegetables
  • PETFROST ® for the sterilization of the production lines, sauce injection pipes, milk, etc; floor sterilization and zones of possible bacteriological contamination

After carrying out trials, tests and assemblies in all kinds of industries we achieved results that guarantee a bacteriological quality of the product unprecedented up to now.

The system does not use chemical additives. The physical quality of the perishable product is not modified in color as in flavor or smell



Removing the GRAM + and GRAM- bacteria, psycrophiles, thermophiles and other problematic organism as the "listeria monocytogenes" and the salmonella



  • FISH
    • ON BOARD: Fresh fish vessels: germicidal washing and production of germicidal ice, box washing and store chambers sterilization.
    • Freezers: washing the fish before and after eviscerated and in the fillet systems before the freezing in tunnels. Sterilization of the production line and store chambers
    • ON SHORE AND INLAND: Storers and auctioneers: Fish germicidal washing and production of germicidal ice for its storage in conservation stores. Useful for all kinds of fish, shellfish, bivalves, etc. 
      Glazing plants: germicidal water production for washing before glazing and injection of cold germicidal water for glazing. All kinds of fish, shellfish, bivalves, cephalopods, etc. 
    • Processing plants: the same as for glazing; squid ring processing. Processing and cutting machinery sterilization. Processing of surimi. 
    • Smoked food: elimination of GRAM + and GRAM- bacteria and, especially of the "listeria monocytogenes". Cutting and desalinating knives sterilization before smoking process. Production line sterilization. 
  • Meat: 
    • Processing of cattle, pork, poultry, rabbits, etc. Processing zones and transport machinery sterilization
      Eggs sterilization before packing.
  • Fruits and vegetables : 
    • Washing and sterilization of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Sterilization of chopped vegetables before packing in modified atmosphere .
  • Canned vegetables : 
    • Germicidal washing before and after scalded for thermophiles elimination.
  • Canned food in general :
    • Germicidal washing before the sterilization in boilers
  • Dairy factories :
    • Milking and filling plant sterilization .
  • Hospitals and logistic centers of great disasters, earthquakes and wars :
    • Washing of injured people in wars, accidents, earthquakes and large cataclysms, before surgical interventions. Operating room and first-aid rom sterilization. Dyalisis rings sterilization.