Heat Exchangers / Air Coolers

PBMS has the capabilities to custom design (using HTRI and Microprotol and manufacture high quality heat exchangers of varying capacities and designs using carbon steel, super duplex and titanium. Clad tube-sheets are becoming a common requirement in the oil & gas industry and many of our heat exchangers are now being delivered with Stainless Steel and Monel cladding.

Air coolers are also being produced for our customers with the same stringent standards utilising various fin tube materials.

We work closely with major Inspection Agencies such as Lloyds, D.N.V., A.B.S., etc.

Production scheduling is crucial to fast-track on-time deliveries and our client base includes the Gulf’s leading marine, power, petrochemical and heavy industrials that regularly rely on our ability to meet their stringent quality requirements


PBMS undertake complete refurbishment of fin fan air coolers on site. From complete Re-tubing, partial re-tubing, coating of fins, water jetting of tubes, fitting of liners in leaking tubes, combing of fins, fixing of fin supports to pressure testing as site.



We serve our clients in Power Generation and all traditional areas of process industries such as chemical, petrochemical plants, Oil Rigs and Refineries.


New Units

PBMS are able to supply many different configurations of PHE as per parameters. Plate packs are available in AISI 304, 316 stainless and titanium, with gaskets in nitrile, EPDM or viton. Let us know your required inlet and outlet temperatures, for both process and cooling medium , fluid types and flow rates along with working pressures, capacity and we can quickly size your unit and quote accordingly.



PBMS stock a wide range of gaskets for fast moving PHE’s from most manufactures and can complete and re-gasketing job within a week. We have specialized team to go on board/site and re-gasket if need be.


Cleaning and Servicing

PBMS can offer several options for cleaning or servicing your PHE. We can clean in place by circulating suitable chemical cleaners through the unit. Alternatively the unit can be dismantled, plates cleaned and checked for cracks or pin hole leaks by Light Box inspection then reassembled with new gaskets.


Radiators & Cores

Radiator core production at our specialist manufacturing plant based in U.A.E., offers a diverse range for marine core applications. PBMS has also developed their own proprietary process of face-dipping of cores – which protects cores against very rough and tough usage- e.g. PBMS full dipped cores are used on cooling packages for railway engines. PBMS also makes segment cores (for Caterpillar applications) which facilitate core replacement with minimal down time.

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. This has a major advantage over conventional heat exchangers; in that the fluids are exposed to a much greater surface area therefore the size of the unit is much smaller than a conventional shell and tube.


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